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Consolidation Company?

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Consolidation Company?

Need help finding a good student loan consolidation company, 

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Re: Consolidation Company?

Consolidation is mostly done for federal loans through them - I don't think you really get a choice in who you end up with, just start the application process thru I believe.

If you want to get all your loans together, that'll be refinancing and you can do that with a number of lenders. I use Credible to check multiple companies at the same time then go with the best rate.
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Re: Consolidation Company?

When I consolidated thought, they did, in fact give me a choice in which servicer I would be with.

I chose Cornerstone/UHEAA because they reportedly had easier-to-reach humans, though I'd also read good things about GreatLakes.   Look into the various servicers (contracts change quite often) and see who you like best, or has the properties you want (after all of my issues I really, REALLY, wanted humans to talk to ).

I would recommend Trellis, if they're contract has started.   They were the servicer I actually liked working with way back when they were TG.  Easy, decent humans.  PHEAA can jump off a cliff, imnsho.


If you're going with a private company, just do your research - everyone has attributes that are most important to them.

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Re: Consolidation Company?

Hello Everyone,
I'm new here and I would like to know if someone can help me understand if TRISTEL automotive & consigment is legit . 

thank you



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