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Hi all, I'm new to the forum.  I've read a lot of really great advice.


I have a problem that I could use some advice on.  I defaulted on my student loans many years ago.  This year, they again took my tax returns which brought my balance to just over $1,000.  So I called them up and was going to make a payment to be done with it, however, the guy told me about the rehabilitation program.  Ok, fine, so I did 10 months (actually 11 because I paid again today).  My balance is down to $540.  I've been talking with the lady from DCS (now performant inc) and she told me my loan WILL NOT be rehabilitated because the balance is too low.


Can someone give me some advice on what to do?  I've held up my end of the deal and this just isn't fair.  She said once I pay it off, they will update it as Paid as Agreed, but it won't come out of default status.  Maybe I just sue?! 


Thanks in advance.

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An update to this...


I just spoke with a supervisor at performant inc.  She double-checked and everything is going to be fine.  In order to have ever gotten in the program, GLHE had to approve me (which they did), so the low balance isn't going to matter.  I think it's because my balance was over $1,000 when I started the program.  However, I moved back in April/May and my mail was returned thanks to the mail person so there was a "break" or something.  Which means, I only got credit for 7 payments...even though all of my payments since March have gone through.  I didn't really understand it, but apparently I'm in "paperwork status".  My payment went through today and will again on January 1st so she said as long as I make the payment I should receive my un-defaulted paperwork by mid-January.

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Re: DEFAULTED STUDENT LOAN HELP always, try to get everything in writing just in case they don't deliver.

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