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Debt-to-Credit Ratio on Student Loans

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Re: Debt-to-Credit Ratio on Student Loans

That's how I do it too.
It only gives you the 3B scores the first day. Then you get daily Experian scores for the rest of the trial. You can save the information but also once you downgrade, you can pull up all your past reports. I think it's the same login as Experian's

Another way to find it is to look in the FAQ/ help. It's the last question under membership (how do I cancel...) There's a link to the downgrade page in the answer. You have to be on the desktop site to view these options. I just use the desktop mode on my phone. It's easier to "print" the reports that way too. I think you have to wait for the window of the first trial to end (15 days?) before you can sign up for a new trial?
I don't think there is such a thing as being too obsessed with your score. 😉😇
Edit: trial is 7 days

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