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Dept of Ed 120 day late

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Dept of Ed 120 day late

Hi, I have a 120 day late from March that is reporting on my credit report. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting it removed or even reduced? I am now current and there have been no late pays since the March date.  I tried a GW letter and also asked about rehabilitation and was told the only way I can qualify for rehab is by going 360 days late. Does anyone have any tips? This is driving me crazy!


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dept of Ed 120 day late

If you were really 120 days late, there's nothing you can do other than to keep trying GW letters.  You rarely get success through GW on the first time.  Persistence is key.  And some lenders just won't budge. 

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Re: Dept of Ed 120 day late

I just got 3 90 day lates removed from my Dept of Edu accounts.  I was extremely persistent.  It took several letters and 1.5 months of calling, faxing, and researching to get my lates removed.  It can happen, just be persistent and make sure to tell them how you will avoid being late in the future as well as how grateful you are to the Dept of Edu for affording you an education.


Good luck!!!

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