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Disability Discharge Timelines

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Disability Discharge Timelines

Hello MyFico:

On SSDI. Applied for Total & Permanent Disability.
Saw Dr. 12/03/2018. Application received 12/13/2018.

Pending Final Approval for almost 2 months. Today I log in. says "Approved". has not updated. Credit Reporting agencies not yet updated.
Experian FICO 8 @712 as of today(Gardening for at least a year+).

Will update you dear people with any credit score changes. I do have a current installment loan(self-help FCU).

Thanks Gang!!
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Re: Disability Discharge Timelines

Letter from nel-net received stating terms of total Permanent disability. Mailed on February 11, 2019.

Navient has not updated my loans yet.
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Re: Disability Discharge Timelines

Student loans reporting as paid by Experian 2/24/2019. Smiley Happy
FICO 8 score dropped 712 to 698.
Credit Builder installment loan in place may have helped prevent a larger drop.
Massive utilization of Disco card not yet reported, or settlement in full with Santander.. Am expecting score drops, then going back up as I pay down Discover, accounts age, baddies drop.
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