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Disputing after finished rehab

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Disputing after finished rehab

ok credit me out PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I completed my student loan rehab for 2 loans last year in March i think i have my new servicer Fedloan.... paying faithfully never late etc etc. Now here is m dilemma.... I have no old tradelines from the old loans on my experian report at all. However I have 5 on Transunion all saying closed 3 reporting zero balance 2 reporting the full balance of the loans as a balance. which is incorrect because i do not owe them and the loans have been consolidated. On Equifax its 4 lines reporting 3 are zero and one has a balance. My question is CAN I DISPUTE THESE LINES TO GET THEM REMOVED!?!?!?!? They are reporting incorrectly and if experian removed them why wouldnt the other ones remove them as well?!?!? someone please advise!!!!! #please

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Re: Disputing after finished rehab

It sounds like you do have some incorrect reporting - all of the old tradelines should show a $0 balance and a positive or neutral loan status like "paid" or "transferred."


I would start by contacting the lender doing the incorrect reporting and giving them a copy of your rehab completion letter with a request to update their reporting and remove the incorrect info.  If that doesn't work, I would move on to a dispute with the CRA with the same information.

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