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Do I send GW Letter? OR, Do I dispute lates w/Credit Bureaus?

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Do I send GW Letter? OR, Do I dispute lates w/Credit Bureaus?

Newbie here...

I have 3 Direct Student Loans currently in deferment; the status of these loans is identical. (They entered deferment the same day, for the same time period)

In Jan. 2008, the USPS messed up, and send my Direct Loan mail to the wrong address. (I had recently moved here from out of state) Long story short, I was late turning in my deferment paperwork. (I totally panicked, and called Direct Loans immediately.) Thank goodness, they granted me forbearance for the time immediately preceding the deferment period to clear any delinquency from my record. At that time, they said I would have no "lates" since these loans wouldn't enter repayment.

The problem is, On my CR's, these 3 Loans were showing 60 days late for January 08. I disputed this online, but the "late marks" were only removed on 1 of the 3 loans. The other 2 are still showing 60 days late. Do you think this could be a mistake? TU and EQ are the only ones reporting any lates for these accounts... and they are only reporting those lates on 2/3 loans after I disputed online. I don't get it, because they all have the same status.

So, at this point, do I sent a GW to Direct Loans, asking to remove the lates, since they told me there wouldn't be any lates?

Or...could this be an EQ and TU mistake...since they corrected one loan but not the other two. If so, should I send a written dispute to EQ and TU, including copies of my deferment letters for each of the three loans. Each letter says the same thing: "If you were past due on your account immediately preceding the deferment period, we granted a forbearance (A suspension of repayment) for those amounts to clear your delinquency."

I also printed out my Direct Loan Account Status online, which shows I've never been late, would that help?
4/9/2008--TU 474--EX 652--EQ 469--FICO's
7/2/2008--TU 572--EX 664--EQ 553--FICO's
7/8/2008--TU 582--EX 674--EQ 640 (7/14/08)--FICO's
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