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Extending Grace Period with MyFedLoan

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Extending Grace Period with MyFedLoan

I have a question about how to extend the grace period for my student loans through  


I graduated with my psychology M.A. in May of this year with $17,000 in SLs.  These loans were taken out prior to July 1, 2012, so it is my understanding that interest will continue to be paid by the government while I am in school.  With that said, I will be starting the MBA program at the same school I got the M.A. this fall (I already registered for classes), which supposedly will keep my loans in a grace period until I finish the program.  From what MyFedLoan tells me, I don't need to do anything at this point as they will pull my enrollment information from some online database indicating that I am enrolled full-time in a graduate program.  I am somewhat weary of this statement as I don't know if schools actually post online that I am enrolled full-time (the school is California State University, Fullerton).  Is it true that they do this even if I won't be taking out any more SLs (I plan to pay as I go)?  Should I trust what MyFedLoan is telling me?  The school told me to have MyFedLoan fill out a deferrment form so I can submit it to the school.  Which is true?

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Re: Extending Grace Period with MyFedLoan

Interest will be paid by the government on subsidized loans only, just to clarify.  Not sure if you already knew that or not.


As long as you are in school at least half-time, you shouldn't have to do anything.  The key word there is "shouldn't".  I have never had a problem with taking summers off & then going back in the fall, & not having my student loans go into repayment unexpectedly.  & I've been in school for quite a while.  But you may want to keep an eye on it just in case.  I don't think either source is giving you bad information.  Some places do not update enrollment electronically, so you have to fill out the forms all the time.

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