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FED loans

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Re: FED loans

This doesn't address my questions above about being garnished.


However, it may not be true about my transcripts.

One, I haven't tried to get them yet, and I may need them for a job, and two,

I may not need them to go back to school.  I seek going as a new student that has never gone to college before as is my option. 

I'm statrting over because I'm dissatisfied with my education. I don't have to provide transcripts as a new student. 

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Re: FED loans

At this point and for as long as you have been going through this, my suggestion is you just file a complaint because it seems like you are really not getting anywhere. Just calling them is not working for you.  Please don't take what I'm going to say as being harsh because I'm not trying to be. Just want to be truthful. You are not satisfied with your education. I get that. But the fact of the matter is that you took out loans anyway for the education you did receive and they are in default. That has nothing to do with your situation.  Sabii is correct. Unless you get those loans taken care of either one or the other then it may affect your ability to continue your education and you may not be able to go if you are needing funds somewhere unless you can pay out of pocket.  If everything happened as you say and you have documentation such as signature confirmations of documents being received before the deadline or anything other paper trail evidence and phone calls of admittance then include that. To me something somewhere is missing. I say this because I was once a supervisor in the student loan industry. If I had everything as you say you have then I know it can be corrected if I could see the evidence. I have had to that many times if the error was proven, even to the point of making sure refunds are issued.  They are there to try and collect payment or take care of the delinquency because that is what they do. Just when you file it, I would make sure you have documentation of when items were due and your proof you timely sent it to send along with it. Since they didn't send you the paperwork, if you still have a copy then send it to them again.  It would be either that or rehab as @Sabii suggested and gave information on in the previous posts. Once again, please don't take this as being harsh.  I'm just trying to help you through this. 

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Re: FED loans

Thanks Mookey, I appreciate you're trying to help. I will probably file a complaint soon. 

In the meantime, this is what has happened:  Back in January and February, I decided to go and call the collection agency, something I normally refuse to do. However after the second call, I got the girl to realize that they had garnished me in error. I called my employer and they in turn referred me to ADP who administrates the payroll. They in turn put me on an email list to notify me of transactions. In the days to follow, I would see the last notification of a garnish, then confirmation of the stop garnish. I finally started getting my full pay. One of my issues was that I never got any notification of the start of the garnish, my employer, nor ADP, nor the D.O.E. nor I.C.R. the collection agency notified me. I also never got any mailings of the stop garnish, I was notified by ADP. I asked the collection agency to document their error in garnishing me, and they refused, and declined to send me any further correspondence. I asked them if they wanted to send out a new financial disclosure form, and they said no. So regardless of the current virus situation, I have no idea what their plan is. 

Recently however, I got a form letter from, I believe, ICR, complaining that I have been unresponsive to their letters and ignoring their requests to address my loans and implying that they might have to garnish.  This of course was incorrect and I sent them a letter asking them if I needed to fill out another form and informing them of the above. I just got a letter from F.S.A. that confirms that the order to stop garnish was Feb. 10th. It goes on further to state that nothing will be done about student loans until September. 

At this writing, three positive things have happened:

1.I got my first tax rebate in years. 

2.2 weeks ago, I got my $1200 stimulus check. This helps me pay my bills finally.

3.I got the notice that I don't have to worry about the situation until September. 

In the last few weeks, I called my employer and found out that my wages started being garnished in late April 2019. 

This stopped in February, after $1641 had been illegally garnished. 

The letter directs me to contact ICR for further information. I will not be doing that. ICR has nothing more for me at the moment.

I need to write back to the F.S.A. /D.O.E. and let them know that I called ICR and got the garnishment stopped, 

that I was wrongly garnished, and that I expect that money back and if not I will sending a letter of complaint. 

I may also include that this is just another abuse by the educational system in a long list and I demand that my loans be forgiven 

and that I be sent to school to get my education. 


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Re: FED loans

Fed Loans are holding off on offsets and garnishments for a period of time. They may attempt to do this again once the covid hold stops. (Prob Sept). I know you want to just do it how you have done it so far, but all those $0 payments (you certifying that you can't pay every year or two) could go towards loan forgiveness after so many years. That is what my SO does. If you rehabbed them, you could easily get on the track of $0 payments and it forgiven down the road after x number of $0 payments. Not what you want to hear and not what you want to do, but is this really how you want to deal with it forever? Worrying about being garnished "accidentally" or them saying they didn't get a response in time and never getting another tax refund? Yes, you could keep getting your tax refunds once you rehab them and never have to stress about garnishments as long as you certify (similarly like you do now, but without them being in default).


I read the thread and I know you don't want to do this. I put it off for nearly 20 years dealing with some of mine. It is nice to rest easy at night now and not worry about them freezing and taking funds from my bank accounts (happened), suing me and placing a judgement on my CRs (happened), garnishing my wages (happened), and offsetting my tax refunds (happened).


If I decide to go back to school, now I can because I wasn't able to get my transcripts or anything before.


I know what I say likely will make no difference in how you want to deal with it, but my SO has been in your exact position as well as myself, but he has the $0 payments, and they told him that he could pick up right off where he left from before he defaulted (he refused to recertify, not fully understanding it). He thought that the 10 years started over, but it didn't for him, so he went ahead and rehabbed them.


I wish the best and I hope they don't give you grief again.


Good luck!

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