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FHA Loan after default

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FHA Loan after default

Hi there!


 Just wondering if anyone had any difficulties getting approved for an FHA loan after getting federal student loans out of default.  FHA rules say, as long as you get the loans out of default, and current you gain eligibility again. But I'm wondering if most lenders will still consider it an issue?

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Re: FHA Loan after default

You cannot get an FHA loan if you have a defaulted federal obligation (like a student loan) reported in CAIVRS.  Getting your loans out of default will clear the entry in CAIVRS and that hurdle to approval.


The second hurdle is your overall credit profile - if the original defaulted tradeline is still on your report (as it would be if you consolidated), or if the lates leading up to the default (these sometimes stick around after rehab) are still there, they could bring down your score below the approval threshold.  FHA probably also has guidelines for acceptable numbers of late payments based on how recent they are as well.


The best thing to do is visit with a lender about your particular situation.  If you can, take a copy of your credit report and see if they will informally review it and give you a sense of what it will take to be approved.

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Re: FHA Loan after default

Thanks! I guess my next step is to talk to a loan officer. I am not currently in default, and my scores are still within FHA guidelines. Maybe because the default is old?

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