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Fed Loan Servicing 180 days late to 120 days late

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Fed Loan Servicing 180 days late to 120 days late

My Fed Loan Servicing changed from 180 days late to 120 days late this account had been closed and transfered to Us department of ED, why would this change? On credit carma the notation is The Sep 2015 payment status for your Fed Loan Servicing student loan account was updated from "180 days late" to "120 days late" will this make any difference in my credit score? I know i have to wait until 2021 for this to fall off my credit histroy, Us department of ed us current since Jan 2018. This is on the Equifax report on Credit Carma there was no update info for Transunion on Credit Carma.

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Re: Fed Loan Servicing 180 days late to 120 days late

No. It will live on till 2021 as you said. 180, 120 day lates are killers. I'll ping @calyx who is a SL brainiac for more info.

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Re: Fed Loan Servicing 180 days late to 120 days late

120 or 150 is the same ugly ding, even if it were an update.      Check your credit reports from the CRAs, and there will have likely been no change.

I had 120/150 dings and CK would "update" it all the time to different statements (collections, paid, 120/150).  It never showed different under my actual CRA reports, and my FICOs were never affected.    I honestly think it's just a CK thing.

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Re: Fed Loan Servicing 180 days late to 120 days late

You might find this thread interesting. Keeping in mind EW600 was going from a dirty to clean file and that a 120 does not lose its impact over time, the gain seems to be 75 points:

This also has some good information. It's not all accurate but it's very helpful.

Additionally, it sounds like you might have defaulted at some point? If this is the case and you rehabbed, you might be able to dispute the lates with each CB to have to have them removed. This isn't a right or a guarantee but it works for some borrowers.
I also don't think it would hurt to try an early Exclusion with each CB once you get closer to them falling off 3-6 months). They can only tell you no.

You might also look into getting your real reports and FICO 8 scores to supplement Credit Karma's VantageScore. provides a monthly free FICO 8 score score and report for Experian and Discover's credit scorecard also provided a few monthly score. Creditchecktotal has a $1 7-day trial for all 3 FICO 8 scores and reports. I do that every few months to see where I am and after you cancel you'll still be able to see the ones you got when u log into

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