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FedLoan Servicing (120+ days late) GW - loan rehabbed via US Dept of Ed

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FedLoan Servicing (120+ days late) GW - loan rehabbed via US Dept of Ed

Hi all, 


Thank you kindly in advance for your words and support, I appreciate it!


I have few baddies on my report and that is the FedLoan Servicing (120+ days late).  Based on my research here at the form, FedLoan seems anti-GW.  Regardless, I will try and have this updated, hopefully!!


So, FedLoan Servicing reported my account as collection to US Dept of Education.  Actually just completed rehab process w/ US Dept of Education and within a month, the collection by US Dept of Education was deleted from all CRAs - which is the main reason why I have ok FICO score (in my opinion at least Smiley Happy, keep it positive!)  


Then, I went ahead and disputed the FedLoan Servicing hoping it would delete or update as Pay as Agreed or Current status.  All CRAs are currently investigating.  


I was wondering if anyone had somewhat similar experience with me and see because the loan is now picked up by new lender and it is being reported as Pay as agreed (current), will FedLoan Servicing (120+ days late) fall off by dispute?  


Thank you again for your words and support Smiley Happy!

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Re: FedLoan Servicing (120+ days late) GW - loan rehabbed via US Dept of Ed

Hi there!


Looks like we have a lot in common!  I also have Fed loans that are in deferment due to me being in school. Not sure if you read my credit journal, but I sent a letter to vp and he sent me a three page letter bascially stating they are required to report accurately, but my loan was transferred to them without my knowledge and I was taken out of deferement and had moved a year prior so they did not have my correct address. I even disputed it with all credit reports and they came back verified. Let me know how it turns out.

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