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FedLoan loans moved to Navient - Advice

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FedLoan loans moved to Navient - Advice

In the Fall, my FedLoan student loan was transferred to Navient. I didn't pay much attention to it other than to create the necessary online account with Navient and went on my way.


I noticed I got an alert at one point that my loan debt had increased and looked into it but didn't find anything so dropped it and moved on. 

However, I've been nagged by the fact that my TU and EX scores are noticeably lower than my EQ for the past few months--they've almost always been up to five points lower, but never more than 10. So, this morning, over a cup of coffee, I took a closer look at my last credit report pull from December and I noticed my number of accounts with balances totaled one more on TU and EX than on EQ. I reviewed all 29 accounts (open and closed) on my reports and think I found the culprit. My FedLoans account is showing closed but on TU and EX they are still reporting the balance while EQ clearly shows no balance. 

I went back through my alerts and found two alerts (one for TU and one for EX) that show a score drop of 6 points each that I recall I was never able to tie back to anything specific. This was around the time the loan transfer had taken place. 

So, my question now is how should I handle this? My scores across the board are very healthy so it's not like I'm in dire straits and desperate for score increases. But it bothers me that FedLoans is, effectively, reporting a balance on my student loans that is, now, actually more than doubling my actual debt (since I make monthly payments on my loans even though I don't technically have to right now due to the student loan pause). Do I contact FedLoans and try to reason with them? Dispute with the CB's? Leave it alone? Any thoughts are welcome!


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Re: FedLoan loans moved to Navient - Advice

If the balances haven't been corrected in six months, I'd dispute with the CRAs. That's just me though, because that would bother me. The CRAs will then either confirm the balance, correct the balance (which they should), or potentially delete the entire trade line (TU did this to me once). 

Last HP 11-01-2022

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