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Finally rehabed student loans

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Finally rehabed student loans

By the grace of God, I have finally rehabbed my student loans, looking at my credit report there are two lines one says the creditor is DP of Educ and is for 18k. the other says US Dept of Ed for 0.00 are these two lines one and the same creditor.  What steps do I need to take now, I have set up auto draft with the company that now has my loans for 60 dollars more per month than is needed to apply this to principle.


Do i wait and give the creditors time to remove the past negative remarks?  Should I write a GW letter (learned about them on here) :-) .  You guys are awesome whit the help you give.  Thank you in advance!

Starting Score: 568
Current Score: 684
Goal Score: 700

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