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I think I messed up!...SL Rehab dispute😔

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I think I messed up!...SL Rehab dispute😔

Hi everyone,
I have so much going on and in an attempt to get the process going quicker (so I thought) I think I messed up!
I completed SL Rehabilitation on Jan 26th. I disputed on Jan 31st (didn't want to forget) my loans were transferred to Nelnet on Feb 2nd. I ALREADY received the results from the CBs stating that the SL default marks remain. OK! So, I know I disputed before I was picked up by a new loan servicer but I thought if I disputed early it would take anywhere from 15 to 30 days to get results. I was shocked to see that it took 4 days! Now, here is my issue I need to re-dispute these loans since I've been picked up and my repayment plan has been made. What can I do to RE-dispute the defaults on my loans?
*forgot to add, the ONLY reason Im trying to dispute before the DOE does is because I'm in the process of buying a home I don't have 60 days to wait. I needed to get things moving right away. Any advice from this point would help!
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Re: I think I messed up!...SL Rehab dispute😔

So I have a pretty close timeline to you, so hopefully this helps.


I made my last rehab payment on 16-Jan.


On the same day, I disputed the Fedloan tradelines (with all the late payments up to default) and the DOE tradelines (with all the charge off statuses since default).


Within 5 days, Fedloan completed the dispute and verified all reporting as accurate, which kept all the late payments.


Navient picked up the loans on 23-Jan.


On 1-Feb, DOE also completed the dispute and verified all the reporting as accurate, which basically kept the defaults showing.


On 8-Feb, the new Navient tradelines showed up with backdated open date and fresh payment history, but the old DOE tradelines were still showing defaulted with original balance. This dropped my score EX FICO 8 score 1 point.


On 9-Feb, the old DOE accounts were deleted from EX (TU and EQ not yet updated), and my EX FICO 8 score went up 66 points! Now I'm sitting at 678, and only thing holding me down is the late SL payments and 84% credit utilization.


Doesn't look like I was lucky enough for Fedloan to remove the lates for me, but they drop off anyway in December, so may try early removal in a few months.


TL;DR: It took less than a month for all the credit reporting to be updated on its own. My dispute did not really help at all in my case and I didn't bother to re-dispute.

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Re: I think I messed up!...SL Rehab dispute😔

Wow!! Thank You for responding yes our timelines are pretty close for sure! I actually just re-disputed all tradelines again today. Im hoping for an update by the end of the month!! (I don't have time to waste!!) Lol. My SLs were picked up again by Nelnet I actually just disputed the DOE tradeline that showed Collections I didn't even bother with the original tradeline that showed closed/transferred (maybe I should have🤔)

Im really hoping my efforts will play out this time around since I submitted my repayment plan form with my dispute.

I really hope for a huge boost! My SLs are my only negatives on my report. Im trying to purchase a home soon these need to be gone ASAP. BTW, 66pts!! That's awesome CONGRATULATIONS on your success! Hopfully, I can report with some great news soon!!
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