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Income for student loan qualification

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Re: Income for student loan qualification

@HawkFly29 wrote:

I am also looking at ATP flight school! Does anyone know what SallieMae/ Wells Fargo's DTI stipulations are on these private student loans? If they go to 60% DTI, I can qualify without a cosigner. Any lower and I don't think I'd qualify, and I will have a very difficult time finding someone to cosign on an 80K loan. I work at a major bank and we go to 60% DTI on personal unsecured loans, but max loan amt is 25K.

I realize this is a late reply, but the only way to know for sure is to apply! I know Wells will let you add on a cosigner after initial application if you do not qualify by yourself. For such a big possibility one EQ HP is worth the chance! Not sure if they are still offering the free flight promo if you get approved but its worth looking into. 

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