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Just wondering how or why...but Grateful

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Just wondering how or why...but Grateful

I just started my Rehab with US Dept of Education for 4 defaulted loans. I logged on yesterday to make my 3rd payment when low and re-payment agreement showing anymore. I thinking to myself "ok strange". Click around some more and account balance shows $0. Double strange.

I called them today and was told that Nelnet recalled all 4 loans. And that US Dpt of Ed credit reporting would update in 30-40 days.

Im perplexed. Had no idea. I was originally set up to make 9-10 rehab payments. 

Dont know how or why. Anybody?

Started: Jan 2016
EQ 599 TU 576 EX 580

Aug 2019
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Re: Just wondering how or why...but Grateful

You are fine. This happened to me when I defaulted with AES and the education authority stepped in for my state. On my 9th month, the two told me I do not need to make the last payment.

About 30 days later, I received a letter stating my status is no longer in default and my baddie was deleted from my credit. Your loan authority should do this for you and check your reports. Mines took about 60 days to update.
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