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Last stubborn default

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Last stubborn default

Let me just start this off by saying I love this forum & its been so essential to my rebuilding journey! I just I wish I had the same love for these student loans lol Smiley Sad


So I got into the rehab program completed it and loan was trasnferred to original servicer. So they added a new positive TL back dated to 2013 with the full balance so I immediately disputed the old TL's (6) that were on my report 5 of which were removed but there is 1 left it says its a $0 blance but it just so happen to be the only one with late payments and its still reporting all 9 late payments. I disputed it again (currently on 14th day of dispute) but I wanted to know how to get this removed if it comes back as "validated". My credit has been my priorities for months. I literally went from 430's to 650's in 9 months. I just want those lates removed to make it spotless. If you have any suggestions or have been in a similiar situation I would love to hear from you!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Last stubborn default

You could try reaching out to your loan servicer, which is what I did. They went back 4.5 years
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Re: Last stubborn default

I reached out to both my loan servicer and the pretty much told me becuase I didnt catch it before it went to collections that those were valid and cant be updated. I was under the impression that all negative items would be deleted after the rehab program no matter where they were or who had them.

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Re: Last stubborn default

Many people think that because you rehabbed you'll get a fresh slate but the only thing it guarantees is that the default will be removed (unlike consolidation). However servicers have been going against the rules (that they are supposed to be reporting it accurately) and erasing them. Not complaining because we can use any relief we can get imo. The other thing they are doing is a retroactive forbearance, though they are only supposed to go back 6 months for that.
Several people have had success disputing like you, although technically it's not disputable because they're accurate.
If you're current dispute doesn't work, at least you tried. You could also keep calling your servicer; maybe you'll get lucky because the answers from different customer service people can sometimes vary to the extreme. Good luck!

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