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Last student loan rehabilitation payment made!

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Last student loan rehabilitation payment made!

Hey folks. Been reading a lot of topics from here regarding what to expect once i have finished my rehabilitation. Since I have completed my last payment as of yesterday, through FMS, they stated it could take up to 60 days who will pick up my student loan. Now, in the mean time, i have what they call a transition payment i still have to make. My question is, anyone else familiar with FMS, and is there a number I can call to see who picked it up if anyone before the packet comes in the mail? Thanks for all the help! This is the only thing stopping me from getting prequlified for a mortgage. Scores are there, but default status is killing me!
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Re: Last student loan rehabilitation payment made!

There is a thread on the same topic where a member posts about their rehab journey. They've been picked up by a servicer. Maybe they can give you the information that you need to make the transition payment to.
Look for:
"My journey from default and garnishment through rehab"
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