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Laural Road - Denial

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Laural Road - Denial

Just wanted to give a heads up as to Laurel Road's underwriting policy (see below).  I was denied with 740+ credit score due to a charged off non-student loan account that I settled more than 30 months ago.  My recommendation if you are looking to refinance and have any blemishes besides a late payment (or two) on your credit report, is to go with Earnest, they approved me with a better rate than Laurel Road had initially offered and took the time to let the applicant explain any late payments or charge-off/collections prior to making their underwriting decision. 


"Unfortunately Laurel Road’s Underwriting policy is to deny any applicants who have had collections, short sales, foreclosures, civil judgments, charge-offs, or repossessions by credit providers in the past 7 years.

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