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Leaving College w/ a past balance due in order to build credit for Fall 2021

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Leaving College w/ a past balance due in order to build credit for Fall 2021



I'm a current college freshman and I got a secured credit card in November. So far, it says I have a month of credit history on my banking app. Soft credit checks indicate that my score is around 674. I'm keeping my credit utilization under 30%. I'm unable to continue my education(despite all As D: ) due to the financial reasons. I am unable to get a cosigner and have already been denied the Parent PLUS loans, but the federal loans don't cover it. I figure that I have two options. Live in the state and work full time until Fall 2021 and apply for a private loan that is able to cover past balances in June 2021. This would give me about 7 months of credit history. A lot of loans seem to require either an extensive amount of credit history time wise or they don't cover past balances. It seems like my 1st option would be a 7 month gamble for having a student loan application accepted. My second option is to simply enlist in the military. That way I won't have to begin paying back the federal loans and eventually be able to pay the past due balance along with the military education benefits. So I'm hoping to find some advice regarding the student loans that I may be able to apply for in 7 months with no cosigner that would cover past due balances. Any general advice would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!

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