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Loan Question

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Loan Question

Last summer i needed a small $500 loan to help pay for a class. I already paid $250 into it and I can pay it off right now actually. My question is would it hurt my AAoA if I competely pay it off right now? It's a 6 month old loan as of now. If I pay it off will it stay as a 6 month old account? If it does, my plan is to set the $250 aside and pay it off later down the road. It's a subsidized federal loan so right now it's still 0% interest.


Any help is great, thanks

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Re: Loan Question

It's up to you. 


Don't worry about the AAoA, as it won't matter that much in the long run.  Don't let that be the basis for your decision.


If it were me, since it's such a small amount, and you don't have to worry about interest accruing, I'd keep the tradeline going until I was done with school and my grace period ended as far as interest goes. If I had any balance owed after that, I'd PIF before interest accrued.  But that's just me.   

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