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Loans Rehab but Report Shows as In Collection

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Loans Rehab but Report Shows as In Collection

I rehabbed my student loans back in 2013.  Everything looks good on my normal credit reports - even have a score of 763.  But just applied for a mortgage and they use a different report FICO 2 or FICO 4, and they are showing my 2 loans as in collection - they also show the rehabbed loans which are now with Great Lakes as a single line and in good standing.  I called the Department of Education and they said that they are not reporing this information that the loans have been paid off and that it is the credit agency that is the issue.  Any idea how I dispute these items with the Credit Agency?

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Re: Loans Rehab but Report Shows as In Collection

Dispute them with the Credit agencies asking them to verify the information and provide the Paid in full/transfer letter you got when you finished rehab. Also explain that this was a Federal Student Loan rehab. It should then take care of itself for the most part in a few weeks.

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