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More tradelines than allowed?

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More tradelines than allowed?



I had currently 4 tradelines on my DOE collections tradelines (all of which are paid) but theres 3 for each individual loan I took out during my education and then 1 big one with the combined amount, Do you think I would have any luck in getting to remove 1 set of these tradelines? Can they chargeoff to themselves to generate this debt? I didn't owe them double what I paid.

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Re: More tradelines than allowed?

What does each tradeline show for closed dates and balances?  If the original lines are at $0 and closed, then the other line with the combined balances could be a collection account, or a consolidation, and that would be accurate reporting.  In any case, once you consolidate or the loans go into collections, the old tradelines should show a $0 balance and be marked closed/transferred.

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