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My Student Loan Rehab Success Story

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Re: My Student Loan Rehab Success Story

@Coach_B_White wrote:

Question for you,


Where on the website did you find what's the status of your student loans?? I can't seem to find it?


I just completed my defaulted student loan payment plan and my loans just got transferred back to Great Lakes on the 12/14/2019. Would I have to wait till my credit report updates to show that my loans are back in Good Standing??


You will need to have an account (so if you have one, great!  If not, it's easy to make one).  Download your student loan data, which will be in an awful text file and it should give you all of the information you need.

And yes, you will have to wait for the CRAs to update.  Student loans tend to take a long time to straighten out with reporting, so just stay on top of it, and you should be fine.

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Re: My Student Loan Rehab Success Story

Hi Coach, congratulations!


The student aid website seems to have been redesigned the last few weeks, but the loan status (defaulted or in repayment) can be viewed on, as mentioned by another poster.


Here is where I submitteded my feedback/issue, and my loan status and credit reports were corrected in about 5-6 weeks:


Good luck!



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Re: My Student Loan Rehab Success Story

Hi Coach, I thought I'd responded to you, but I can't see it anywhere, so I'm trying again.


To see the status of your loans, another contributor mentioned using this site:

You may have to sign up and go through the process of registering a username. 


Here is the site to where I submitted my "report an issue":


I just submitted an "issue" that the status of my loans were erroneously listed as "defaulted" (I didn't mention that I'd only completed my last rehab payment a week before) and that my credit reports were also incorrect. It took several weeks, but all got resolved quicker than what other boards here would suggest. Not sure if I simply got lucky, but I'm not a lucky person by nature, so I hope it helps you too. Smiley Happy Good luck!

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