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My accounts were frozen. Checking and savings

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Re: My accounts were frozen. Checking and savings

That's great news that they're restoring your accounts in tact.  Watch for bank fees (or service charges from the creditor) for the cutting off/restoring.
When you speak with their lawyer again, sound him/her out to see if it sounds like they intend to shut you down every so often, or if making the agreed-upon payments will generally satisfy them.  Living in fear of losing access again is no fun--especially when you think you're doing what you're supposed to do.  If possible, keep some substantial cash on hand--a few hundred minimum, probably 1k to be safe, just in case this happens again and you need to pay other folks quickly.  And sending in extra to the marshal or whoever is collecting probably wouldn't hurt to show some good faith on your part.  At some point, you became a deadbeat to them, and so now they're handling you accordingly.
Garnishments are confidential, so even if you are garnished, it's not like it would be common knowledge at your school.  It would be handled by the HR folks for the district.  Garnishments happen all the time for lots of reasons--child support, back taxes, judgments, etc.  They are not a badge of shame--just reality for some folks.
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Re: My accounts were frozen. Checking and savings

Well, the rep for the lawyer said that they would be willing to work out a settlement in time with continued payments and me coming up with a lump sum down the road.  My job knows about my garnishment situation because the DOE sent a letter to the principal verifying my employment.
I would really like to purchase a new Millineum Falcon with my WAMU (oops Chase card)!!!! But first I need a decent credit limit.
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