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MyFedLoan Late Payment Deletion Success!

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MyFedLoan Late Payment Deletion Success!

Hey all!


Just coming to share some good news. I am in the process of building my credit in order to apply for a mortgage. My credit report showed that I had 19 small loans with MyFedLoans. Basically they split up my grad school loans 19 small loans. So when I saw that they were reporting 7 late payments this really meant 133 whopping late payments on my credit report. I reviewed the months for the lates and realized that this was during forebearances (both delenquency and general). I contacted MyFedLoan to send over all of the approval letters dating back to 2012. It took about a month to receive the letters due to them being archived. Once I received the letters I tripled check and it showed the dates that they reported as delinquent. When I brought this to MyFedLoan of course they said they could not remove the lates. So I printed out my Transunion credit report and faxed the highlighted lates and my forbearance letters to them. 10 days later I received a notification that the FedLoan accounts had changed and my score had increased 37 points! 


I could not find the fax for Experian so I disputed online and submitted the forebarence letters. 15 days later (today) I received notification that all of the FedLoan accounts had been updated and my score increased by 31 points! My late payment history went from 'Poor' to 'Good.'


I will now submit the last dispute to Equifax. I don't like their online dispute system since it's tedious with the 19 loans but I will do it and hopefully receive the same results.


The only thing thats odd is that though it shows that my total number of lates has been reduced down from 133  to 7, the individual payment history for each loan still shows as late. I'm not sure why that is but hopefully that will be fixed once my full report is updated. 


Hope this helps someone! This is the second time I disputed these loans. The first time didn't work but after faxing to Transunion it seemed to help everything else fall into place. 

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Re: MyFedLoan Late Payment Deletion Success!

How in the...


Ok, I did the exact same thing for the exact same reason with the exact same proof and now I'm having to go through the Ombudsman's office to get FedLoan to admit they improperly coded my payments.  


The consistency with which some of these arcane rules is applied baffles me sometimes.  Most times.


Congrats on the new scores!

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Re: MyFedLoan Late Payment Deletion Success!

So I sent the retroactive forbearance letter to all 3 CBs and TU removed the late payments.. I just got the Experian results back today and it says that they updated my dispute but it doesn't look like anything changed? The late payments are still on there. What did you send/say to Exp exactly to get them removed?? I am not sure why they didn't remove :/ Also, how long did it take your score to go up with TU after removal?

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Re: MyFedLoan Late Payment Deletion Success!

I have a fed loans question that you may be able to help me with. I have 10 loans with fed loans that are now closed bc i did the loan rehab program do you think it would be okay for me to dispute those off? They hold 6 months of no payment/late payments. Any tips will help. Congrats on your deletions

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