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Navient 120 day late

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Navient 120 day late

hi, my navient lian was to be in non repayment during the Covid May 2020 time.  

Navient marked my loan late, what is the best way to go about removing this mark?  Also, my default was removed.thanks 

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Re: Navient 120 day late

Student loans were supposed to be in "forebearance" during COVID.


I'm not sure about this----but I'm wondering if you had to apply for this "forebearance" yourself, rather than it happening automatically.


You would have to call Navient about this.  Perhaps you could ask them to delete the lates owing to COVID?   Talk about the financial hardship you went through.  You might find someone who is sympathetic, and would delete the lates.


Make sure your student loan doesn't go into default.

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Re: Navient 120 day late

Also, what kind of loan was it?  Some of the FFELs and other loans weren't part of the initial forebearance/pause state, which may have been a factor.

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Re: Navient 120 day late

It was a school loan, 18 years old.  I would think it should not be there considering Biden just pulled them back. Hmm I have to call

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Re: Navient 120 day late

@Shay1711 I have loans with Navient and they never stopped being in repayment, however my federal student loans were the ones that went into forbearance. If it's a private loan you have with Navient and not a gov student loan  then it was never in forebearance if your going by the government forebearances. Definitely give Navient a call. 

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Re: Navient 120 day late

Ok thank you 

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