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Navient Payment with Credit Card? Options?

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Navient Payment with Credit Card? Options?

Hi all,


So my wife asked me a good questions last night:


"I wonder if the automated system (on the phone) will know you're paying with a CC vs a Debit card since both (her CC & Debit) are Visas?" Anyone?


Also, what other methods are you using to pay your loans using a CC? I heard plastiq, how does that work? Not trying to do this long term, just once to meet my spending.  I DON'T have to do this to meet the spending, but will be faster.


Anyone doing the auto debit for the .25% discount? is that guarantee? or do you have to get approved for it?



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Re: Navient Payment with Credit Card? Options?

I've never had a student loan so I can't comment there, but I have paid large bills with Plastiq before to test it out.


The best method for Plastiq is to get an account and share your referral link with friends on Facebook.  If they sign up through you and use it, you get a $1000 fee-free payment.  I believe they get a $500 fee-free payment and have to actually pay a $500+ bill total before you get the referral bonus, but I earned a bunch posting my link a few months ago.

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