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Navient amortization schedule

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Navient amortization schedule

I recently checked my Navient account balance and noticed the pay off dates are a year past what they were when I checked about a year ago. I’ve made extra payments this year, so that doesn’t seem right.

I’ve requested an amortization schedule, but haven’t had a response yet. Has anyone else had luck getting one from them?
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Re: Navient amortization schedule

I'm not familiar with Navient, but I do know that FedLoan Servicing's dates are often off.
The best thing to do is to keep a spreadsheet and make sure it matches up with what they are saying your balance, interest calculations, etc. are supposed to be. My interest is rarely correct.
Another suggestion if you don't get it in writing in a timely matter is to request it in writing, either by snail mail or fax. Don't provide a phone number. They will have to return the requested information in print.

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