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Navient and IBR

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Navient and IBR

I am applying for income based repayment because I will ultimately qualify for public student loan forgiveness. I had to provide alternate documentation of income (long story...) and I did so on 2/29. I have yet to receive an update on what my payments will be. I already used a month of forbearance and then they gave a month of administrative forbearance. This is up 3/28 and they haven't calculated my pament (due 4/28) yet. I cannot make personal calls during business hours and I have a lengthy commute so calling is next to impossible. I was emailing with their social media team and then with their customer advocate. The advocate starting calling me which again I can't respond to so I emailed again. Anyone have any experience successfully getting on IBR with Navient??? 

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Re: Navient and IBR

It can take multiple months for your application to be processed - especially if you have to provide alternate documentation of your income.  The most important thing is to keep on top of the status of your loan.  I would check the website once a week to see if the status has changed, and if there is a payment due, make sure it is on your IBR plan and not a standard repayment.


Can you contact them during a break or meal period, or maybe before you begin your commute home?  If they have questions or need additional information, it may be easiest to sort that out over the phone.

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