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Navient loan showing $0 payment due

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Navient loan showing $0 payment due

When I logged in to my Navient account to check balances, I noticed it's now saying my "Total Payment Due" for August is $0. This struck me as a bit strange as I did not make an extra payment this month (nor should it even affect my August payment). Auto-pay (configured since 2014) still seems to indicate it will withdraw my normal payment in August.


When I look at the loan details, it shows my payment schedule doesn't start until October, even though I've been making payments for years now.


I did not ask for a deferrment, so I'm a little confused as to what's happening here. Has anyone else spotted this from Navient and can offer a quick explanation to save me from dealing with their phone agents?

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Re: Navient loan showing $0 payment due

Definitely want to check with them. My guess is that your payments are bigger than minimum and thus you are paid ahead. If that's true, consider that a great start and get to work. 


Here's a great tip. On Naviet, pay them down to just over 50.00. I did this and I am paid ahead till 2022. This works on a couple fronts. It helps the aggregate utilization of any new installment loan you get, and it naturally takes the place of any share secured loan you might otherwise need.

If you pay them to anything under 50.00, they will automatically close the account. So don't do that.


Great lakes also works the exact same way, except their minimum loan amount to remain open is 20.00. Paid up on those as well till 2022. So, in total, I have the installment loans reporting that were originally amount ~ 20K total, that I owe about 95.00 on, giving 99% paid on three loans data to the credit bureaus.


It costs like 3 or 4 bucks a year.


And I know paying those darned things off is hard, as it seems they compound the interest daily. They really are worse than they seem at first look. I hope you find this helpful...


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