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Navy Federal College Loans

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Navy Federal College Loans

Hi.  I just set up my account with Navy Federal.  I have never been in the service but my father was so that's how I was able to get membership.  I am hoping to finance part of my children's college costs with a loan from Navy Federal.  I now see that they are part of LendKey.  They of course just a few weeks ago declined my son's loan application.  Does this mean doing it through Navy Federal will likely not get approved either?  Are the standards any different if through Navy Federal?

Any tips, tricks, suggestions, advice with regards to college loans through Navy Federal?  Any info to help would be greatly appreciated.  I am really hoping he can get the loan by himself without me or his mom needing to co-sign.  Not sure that would put him over the top either.  

Thinking positively here, if he is able to get a loan, how long does the process take till funds are disbursed to his college?

Thanks for any and all help here!  Happy Holidays!!!!

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Re: Navy Federal College Loans

I don't have any advice with Navy Federal. I only know that with government/ federal loans of a dependent student is denied they will have access to additional funds as unsubsidized loans. These loans come with a lot of protections etc and low rates.
Hope you can get your questions answered and the rest of the funding.

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