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Need Direct Loan GW Advice


Need Direct Loan GW Advice

I have a few 120 day lates on an old Direct Loans account. They're actually due to fall off over the next 6 months starting in January, but I'm going to be applying for a mortgage in the next few months so anything negative that comes off earlier would be a blessing.


I understand (from this board) that since Direct Loans is no longer in existence that it's easy to get things dropped. Can someone who has done this successfully please let me know what process they used? Should I dispute or write a GW letter? If I dispute, do I do so directly to the CRA's? 



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Re: Need Direct Loan GW Advice

Anyone? I keep trying to search the topic and I can't seem to sort by date. I keep coming up with posts from 2008.

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Re: Need Direct Loan GW Advice

GWs on loans are very, very few and far between.  For every post you read about a GW success you will find several other posts about no GW success.  So, just temper your expectations going into this.


There is a thread on the rebuilding your credit section of this forum that gives you examples.  Just Google some contact info & use their feedback as a guide.

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