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Nelnet Goodwill Denial, Please help!!

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Nelnet Goodwill Denial, Please help!!

I emailed Nelnet ( a goodwill letter to remove a series of late payments in 2013 but got denied.  First response I received was to respond with a copy of my credit report, which I did as well as supporting documentation showing I was out of the country for medical treatment during the lates reported.  After a few days I got a reply that stated:

"After researching your account, we verified the credit reporting in
question was accurate and valid. To dispute this further, you must file
a credit dispute directly with the Consumer Reporting Agencies. Nelnet
and the Consumer Reporting Agencies will then work together to
investigate your dispute." 

My question is should I continue with additional goodwill letters directly to Nelnet or should I just dispute the lates with the credit bureaus? The lates are being reported from January to August 2013.  I did make two payments during that time but they still show up in the late reporting.

Also I would be most appreciative if anyone could PM any Nelnet contacts they may have.  Newbie here and just want to thank everyone in advance!

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Re: Nelnet Goodwill Denial, Please help!!

The dispute process with the CRAs is meant to be used to correct inaccuracies on your report.  If your payments during that time didn't bring your account current, it could be reported late throughout the period there was a past due balance.  Unfortunately, being out of the country, even with a medical situation, doesn't change your obligation to your lenders to make payments on-time.


You could certainly attempt additional goodwill letters - you're basically hoping to find someone who is sympathetic to your specific situation.  It might also help to set your loans up on auto-pay and point this out as a promise to not let the situation happen again.

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