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Nelnet Not Reporting Correctly After CH7


Nelnet Not Reporting Correctly After CH7

Hello All!


I originally posted this in the bankruptcy board, but no one could help me so I'm reposting here with an update. I'm currently having a problem with my Nelnet accounts (Consolidated Fed SL) reporting correctly post-Ch7. My discharge came through in Nov. 2019 with none of my SL being discharged. Originally, the Nelnet accounts weren't being reported as open and current on any of the big 3. I disputed the accounts in early January, and they were updated correctly with current balances and paid as agreed status, which gave me a nice score boost at the end of the month.


A few weeks ago, TU suddenly reported the Nelnet loans as derogatory, closed and IIB. While they were listed in my Ch7 and were deferred during the process, they came out of deferment at the end of 2019 along with my other SLs and have been paid as agreed since. According to the information on my actual Nelnet account, these loans are still open/in repayment with balances and have always been paid as agreed. I've disputed it twice, but it keeps coming back as derogatory IIB. Now one loan shows as derogatory current and the other shows as derogatory closed (2/14) with a negative mark on Jan 2020, which is reporting as if it's a new bankruptcy. Payments have been made on 12/26, 1/26 and today, but the report doesn't reflect any of that information. The update has dropped all of my CB scores by over 50 points.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get Nelnet to report this correctly?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: Nelnet Not Reporting Correctly After CH7

I would suggest you contact Nelnet directly. I don't think the credit bureaus do their due diligence half the time in verifying information. Had that happen to me before and had to file a complaint to get it fixed. If you feel you are not getting anywhere with the regular rep then I would suggest you speak with a supervisor. They can send a credit bureau retraction.  You may want to have proof payments and credit report handy just in case they need to see it.  You can not be billed during bankruptcy and if they came out of forbearance at the end of 2019 and they are federal, then they can't be reported negatively in January because for one it wasn't at 90 days and federal loans don't report negatively until 90 days past due. Hope this helps 

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Re: Nelnet Not Reporting Correctly After CH7

Thanks for the reply!


This is one of two consolidated federal loans that I've made three on-time payments on post-bankruptcy. I ended up calling Nelnet and speaking with their people who swore up and down that they haven't reported any negative information because their system shows that I've always paid as agreed. The rep I talked to said that she was going to open up a review on their end, and that I have to give them time to do their own internal investigation.


Meanwhile, yesterday Experian updated the account with the message "Insurance/Government Claim, Term Default, Paid By Dealer, BK Petitioned/Discharged/Reaffirmation of Debt Rescinded" and added a late payment mark for January 2020. If anyone knows what that particular bit of gobbledegook means, I'd greatly appreciate an explanation.



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