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Nelnet lates

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Re: Nelnet lates

Got a emailed doc sent to me this morning. I don't think I've woken up this excited in a long time. Now I'm curious to see how my score will change since my 4 Nelnet accounts are the oldest accounts on my cr at 8 years and are the only ones that show 90/120 late status. Only other derogs are some on my cap1, one on bofa auto recently, and bestbuy. I think I can finally hover by 700 with my current scores 621 EQ, 660 TU, 651 EX. Anyway, here's what the letter stated:

Thank you for your recent credit reporting inquiry. After careful review of your account, we have submitted a request to all national credit bureaus to remove an invalid delinquency(ies) from your credit report. Please allow up to 30 days for the credit bureaus to process this request.
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Re: Nelnet lates

Hello Kamal,


Can you forward the information of theNELNET account representative who help you. They are reporting JUL2011 - OCT2011: OK; NOV2011: 90 DAYS; DEC2011: 90 DAYS; JAN2012: 120 DAY; FEB 2012: 180 DAYS. They never reported the account 30 or 60 days. How could it jump from Oct 2011: OK/Current Status to 90 Days Late in less than 30 days!

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Re: Nelnet lates



Can you please send me the reps info that helped you with your lates please.

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Re: Nelnet lates

Hello Kamal 


Would you be willing to share the contacts you have for Nelnet? I would love to contact them to try a goodwill letter since I have 2 accounts that for the 5 years have been bringing down my credit score. I'm finally in a place looking to purchase some land or a house and it's dragging down my score. 


Thanks for any help that you or anyone else can provide. 



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