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Nelnet missed payment removal, advice?

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Nelnet missed payment removal, advice?

I missed a couple payments back in 2014 because I skipped a semester of college and without my knowledge I was required to pay.  It has since been on my credit report. Since then I did put the loan on autopay. I really want them removed off of my report. I sent a goodwill letter but nothing, they're sticking to their decision. They claim they cannot remove it off the report because it wasn't done in error.


Does anyone have any advice on anyway I can get these removed?



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Re: Nelnet missed payment removal, advice?

Good luck, I've been trying to get them to remove several lates due to being away in Army BCT and the deferment ran out while I was there... they did for the most part, but they wouldn't remove the two from between the point that I came back and realized I was late.

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Re: Nelnet missed payment removal, advice?

Hey, thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. Hopefully, they will become a little more forgiving someday.

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Re: Nelnet missed payment removal, advice?

On this topic, does anyone have good email contacts to use for goodwill requests? Have some lates from 2011 that I would like to discuss with them. PM me if you can be of assistance, it would be much appreciated!

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