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On IDR plan, but reported late by Fed Loan?

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On IDR plan, but reported late by Fed Loan?

I recently enrolled in a IDR plan for my student loans. Due to my current financial and salary, I owe $0 per month for my monthly payment. My account says it is current. Upon checking my credit report, it says that I have "missed a payment", which makes no sense since no payment is due each month. It has not negatively impacted my score, but it shows up in my alerts for Credit Karma saying some accounts need attention. Do I dispute this with TransUnion and state I am on a IDR? The actual status of the account says "deferred", but is that what it is considered under a IDR? Sorry for all the questions. I am just very confused and don't want any of my accounts to be considered delinquent.
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Re: On IDR plan, but reported late by Fed Loan?

Did you enroll in an IDR plan for the first time, do the annual re-certification or switch from one IDR plan to another?

Did it occur fun your busy recent payment due (credit reports usually don't show recent months for servicers. They're slow reporters.)

When you log in to your account in the servicer's website, does it show you as overdue during that time period? You night have to check the bill after the month that it says overdue.

I have a few suggestions. I've been in a very similar situation, but I just need clarity on your situation.

It should not be showing up as deferred if you are on an IDR, but if the reporting is behind, it might fit previous periods.

I would also highly suggest you get your real credit reports and credit scores. You can do a $1 trial at creditchecktotal. Just sign up, save your reports and downgrade to the free plan (downgrade link in FAQ, on a computer or desktop mode on a phone. The great news is sites like this allow you to view your Experian credit score once a month.
PS. Don't forget to check to see if you're a part of the Equifax breech. Free $125.

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