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Parent PLUS Loan Not Disbursed?

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Parent PLUS Loan Not Disbursed?

Hi all,
I have a parent PLUS loan and i did the master promissory note on 8/19. The school finance website says “awaiting department of education origination” since then. I’m worried for some reason I need to do something else to get the loan. The school says no, but they said no before and then another person said I had to do the MPN. I have had loans before but never a parent plus. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Parent PLUS Loan Not Disbursed?

I don't have any experience with this (although I did run into a similar situation when my MPN ended up being unsigned and the school was equally unhelpful). My suggestion would be to contact the Department of Education directly. They tend to want to hand off the loans to someone else but maybe they will talk to you, especially if you say the school doesn't know what's going on. A little white lie...😁

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