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Parent plus loan denial

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Parent plus loan denial

So I was just denied for a parent plus loan because I have a collection on report that should be either removed or falling off soon. I do not want to get an endorser.  M question is will I be able to reapply once it is no longer on the credit report? is there a waiting period. Thanks in advance for help.

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Re: Parent plus loan denial

Not sure about the re-apply.... that being said, when the parent is declined, the student is allowed to take out additional loans under their name.  This is a huge benefit. They get the $ they need and YOU aren't on the hook for it later.  During my daughter's senior year, she got married to her guy and they were both in the same college.  She needed the additional funds and asked me to apply for it.  (In the past, I was declined d/t the presence of a collection.) I did and was surprised to get approved.  I told her that I would take out the loan under the understanding that it was HER responsibility to repay.  She agreed.  Fast forward to the restart of student loan payments.  I told her what the monthly payment would be and her reply was that she was under no obligation to pay it.  Yeah, f* you child.  That was the last time we spoke.  It is not worth it to go into debt for your children.  Let them do it on their own.

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