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Potential old student loan

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Potential old student loan

I had a question about possible default if you don't mind.

25 years ago I took out a student loan and did not pay it. About 5 years ago I was contacted, and told I owed 23k. I had the means to pay it so I did. I 'think' I may have taken out a loan from the school (as well)  25 years ago, but I am not sure. My credit score is fine (720) no student loans show up on my credit report, and I have recently bought a house and have had no issue. My paychecks have never been garnished, nor have I had my income tax withheld.

I have no reason to believe that I owe anything, but I have recently thought of going back to school and would like to know that if I apply for a loan or grant will that kick the hornet's nest if there is some balance I am unaware of?

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Re: Potential old student loan

At the bare minimum - I would take a look at your student loan file with the department of ED: to be absolutely sure that you are clear on the Federal loan front.


If you truly are clear of your federal loans (as indicated in that file), then I would not worry unless you were applying for loans/grants directly from the same school.  If it was a state school, then I might also be prepared in case the state has remembered.    Every state is different, but I think they're still going to be governed by the SOL/laws in that state (unlike the Federal loans, which are governed by the HEA).  I certainly wouldn't sweat it in any of the states I live in, but I'm pretty solid on my SOLs for them.  Not a lawyer, not a multistate expert by any means.

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Re: Potential old student loan

Will me putting my info in that 'kick the hornets nest' if there is something in there I owe?  I don't think I do owe anything, but I want to know what I am in store for.

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