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Private Loan - Income Requirements

Private Loan - Income Requirements

I'm trying to get a private loan to study abroad this summer through my university. I've applied to scholarships, so depending on if I get any of them, it will determine how much I need to borrow... at worst $8k and at best $2k. The issue is, I only make $12k a year and cannot get a co-signer as my mother's credit is worse than mine. I am older than most traditional students, all 3 of my scores are around 700-708, I have excellent payment history, and a reasonable length of credit history.


It seems like the more I read, private student loan applications have income requirements... none of which I meet.

Does anyone know what my likelyhood of getting a loan would be?

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Re: Private Loan - Income Requirements

Do you qualify for any federal student loans that would cover this gap for you?


I believe that most private student loans have income requirements as you have to demonstrate an ability to repay the loan.  Do you have a credit union that you've banked with for an extended period of time that does private student loans that you may be able to leverage?


You can check Sallie Mae's website to see what they may have to offer.  You may want to read through the site prior to applying for anything though because most banks try to list their minimum income requirements somewhere in the small print.

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