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Private Loan consolidation?

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Private Loan consolidation?

I have some concerns and hope I'm not confusing in my questions and analysis of Private student loan consolidation.


1.) Is the only bank that will consolidate a private loan Wells Fargo? Every back I checked seems to state they are not consolidating private loans due to economic conditions.  Wells Fargo will consolidate, but only at a Variable rate. Was getting a variable rate the only way to consolidate a private student loan all along or were/can you consolidate to a fixed rate?


I know federal loans are consolidated at a fixed rate at the average of all your interest rates. I also am aware that you can extend the terms on federal loans to 30 years if you have a balance over 30k.


2.) There seems to be many options for Federal but what is available for Private?


3.) Would a private lender allow the payment terms to be extended to 30 years?  


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Re: Private Loan consolidation?

I mentioned Alliant to someone the other day but upon calling, they were told they don't consolidate loans, they only offer a new loan and it's also variable, although very low currently.

I also want to say but not a 100% sure...private loans are usually only 10 years?, they do not go up to 30 like federal

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Re: Private Loan consolidation?

I spoke with Wells Fargo and they consolidate private loans and have terms up to 25 years.


Currently several loans reaching $69k at rates from 3.25% to 7% and at 10 years and 15 years. I would greatly consider consolidting to a variable rate and lossing my low rates, just to extend the terms to 25 years and lessen the monthly payment burden.


Anyone else have more advice, to my original post and my follow up?

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Re: Private Loan consolidation?

I'm considering going with Wells for the private loan consolidation. Has anyone done it recently? What bureaus do they pull?



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