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Private loans with Key Bank charged off

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Private loans with Key Bank charged off

I filed for CH13 bankruptcy back in 2008.  All my student loans were on hold while I was going through my3 year payment plan with the courts andI was discharged early this year.  I’ve already gotten my federal loans in order and am paying on them already.  My private loans are a different story.  They were charged off within months of them receiving the BK notice.  Now that they know I am out of BK I received a letter stating that my account was delinquent and prompt payment in full was needed.  This is the first I’ve heard from them, ever!  So, I have about $45k in private loans with them, Key Bank.  They’re letting me tell them how much I can pay each month and will re-evaluate that payment every 6 months. 


Has anyone else been in this situation?  And maybe been in this situation with Key Bank?

Since the account was charged off and now they’re just recuperating the money, I don’t actually have an account, no online access for payments, etc.  They can’t charge me and interest or penalties, can they?  Only for the total amount on the account when it was charged off? 


I have tons of questions racing through my head but this is what I'm concerned about right now.  I'd like to hear any/all the details from anyone who has gone through or is going through this.


10/25/11: TU 605, EQ 655, EX ?
03/13/12: TU 626, EQ 670, EX ?
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Re: Private loans with Key Bank charged off

We are in the exact same boat- did you get any answers yet?


Thank you

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