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Question about the rehabilitation program

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Question about the rehabilitation program

Hey all! First off, I want to thank you all for the help I have received from this forum! I am currently about to make my final payment in the rehab program for my student loans, in about two weeks. I have an understaning that the DoE will update my credit report when I am finished, but I have a question about these other accounts from FEDLOAN servicing. On my TU account I only have the DoE accounts showing, 4 in total; however, on my EQ and EX reports I am showing those 4 accounts PLUS 4 more from FEDLOAN servicing... which is really bringing my score down for those 2 reports. I am wondering what FEDLOAN will do with my accounts when the rehab is over or what I need to do with them. FEDLOAN is showing a ton of missed payments and a $0 balance for each of the four accounts an that those accounts are closed. Thanks in advance for any and all help!


Please let me know if I need to move this to the Student Loans forum; I was unsure which to post to.

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