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Question about what to expect post rehab

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Question about what to expect post rehab

While my loans were in default, I had several negative credit items.

  1. Fedloan servicing showing all the late payments that lead to default with a note that current status 120 + days late and that it was closed and tranferred. 
  2. A second line item for the same loan showing it was transferred to the US dept of education for collection also showing all the missing payments post default.

Now that I've completed rehab, the US dept of education collection line item is totally gone. However, the Fedloan service item is still there. It shows all the payments leading to default (I'm aware those don't go away post rehab). However, they are still reporting my worst AND CURRENT status as 120+ overdue. There is a note in the remarks stating I'm 180 days overdue.


Is this hurting me. It's clear the account is closed and the balance is zero? Can I have the current status of 120+ days and the note saying 180 days removed? Is this feasible? I realize they payment history will still show the missing payments that led to default, but they were all in 2015 so they are quite old.

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Re: Question about what to expect post rehab

I wish I could remember full details of what mine were which was in '13 but here goes. They take away the bad stuff that hurts your score, if i remember right what shows with you still showed on mine until after the 7 years passed but it didn't hurt your score while it was still there. You may be able to contact the student loans and ask them to remove it and also dispute it with all 3 creditors in the mean time so it can get it taken off faster. All I know is after I rehabbed my loans my scores went from like 500 up like to 600 in no time, now my scores are in the 700s easy but nothing bad shows at all. Trust me when I say it was worth dealing with the rehab if you want to build up your score because nobody wanted to deal with me before and now anyone and there mom will give me credit.

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Re: Question about what to expect post rehab

I'm going to comment on this because four years later I FINALLY got this all figured out re: rehabbing. In my case, I rehabbed a student loan from DepEd back in 2013, and actually was succesfully able to not just rehab it but get back in good graces so I could go back to school and borrow again. Fast forward to January 2018 - I was still working to get the 120+ day late remarks off my credit on all three reports, which I was "assured" would be removed. So instead, I disputed all of them (a total of eight loans showing 120+ days late). Oh, they removed the "DEFAULT" remarks, but not the late remarks as I was previously promised by Chris, my extrememly unhelpful rehab officer. I was able to "successfully" dispute the remarks off, so now instead of showing as late on all three reports, they show as No Data. HOWEVER, after I did this, my score went from a 656 to a 740, so I consider that somewhat of a battle won?

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