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Rehab - 9 months or 9 Payments?

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Rehab - 9 months or 9 Payments?

Hi all,


I would like to clean up my credit as soon as possible. I am in rehibilitation with my Direct Loan. I'm curious if I can make rehibilitation payments early? Does it have to be one payment a month? Or, can I make payments anytime and get out of rehabilitation early once 9 payments are made? Has anyone finished rehab early? I'm on my fourth payment.


I can call them and ask, but you know how it is when you're curious about someting and you don't want to wait until business hours to learn more. Thanks!

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Re: Rehab - 9 months or 9 Payments?

I just started the process of rehab on one of my loans yesterday and it was explained to me that I need to make 9 sheduled payments for 9 months. She explained that multiple payments each month will not affect the legnth of my rehab. 


Like I said, I'm new to this process, but that is the info I got yesterday while setting up my rehab.

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Re: Rehab - 9 months or 9 Payments?

Thanks for the information. I guess I'll just have to wait.

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Re: Rehab - 9 months or 9 Payments?

It's nine months of payments. I got a little lucky because I had just started sending in small payments as a goodwill gesture three months before the rehab program was offered so they credited them. I am almost at the end of 9 months and impatiently waiting for the next stage of getting my loans picked up.

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