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Rehab Over - Great Lakes Deferment

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Rehab Over - Great Lakes Deferment



I just finished the student loan rehab program last month in August, and my loans were transferred over to Great Lakes. They said my updated score should be here in October.


Since I am not working, I was offered deferment for one year. 


My question is will deferment hurt my "new" credit score ? Showing on time payments of 0 each month ?

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Re: Rehab Over - Great Lakes Deferment

How long did it take them to pick up your loans , and for you to get your letter of completion? Just finished mine on Sept 11th, are you not going to dispute your old Tradelines ? Or just waiting on them to update . I am almost certain deferment will not mess your score up bc it will still report as paid every mth.
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Re: Rehab Over - Great Lakes Deferment

I finished in august, and they got picked up immediately. They said my credit should be updated by november or call them back.

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