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Rehab Student loans rare question

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Rehab Student loans rare question

Can u rehab a Student Loan that is not in default but was previously
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Re: Rehab Student loans rare question

No, student loan rehab is for loans currently in default.  If you've already gotten your loan out of default by making the payments or refinancing, then you cannot rehab it.  What are your thoughts for wanting to do a rehab?


One of the misconceptions is that the student loan rehab will remove all the lates from your student loan.  This is not correct.  Any lates that happened prior to the rehab process will remain on your credit report.  Although there have been reports of lates being removed early on when the rehab program was introduce, I think most services have ironed this out and it doesnt happen as much anymore.  Rehab removes the default status from that loan.

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